Magento extension development

Staylime offers Magento extension development services driven by your business needs to create unique functionality that you will not find in any out of the 3 000+ extensions on the marketplace.


We develop extensions of different complexity from scratch to create functionality that is not available with an out‑of‑the‑box Magento installation.

By entrusting Staylime with extension development services, you receive the following benefits:

We use Best Practices for Extension Developers

We ensure that extensions work correctly on your storefront

We eliminate any conflicts between our custom extensions and third‑party ones

You receive the extension’s source code allowing for further in‑house customizations and changes


We carry out advanced customization of extensions developed by third‑party vendors when there is a need to extend their existing functionality.


By rendering refactoring services, Staylime’s team comes to grips with the following issues:

  1. Extension conflicts with the installed theme
  2. Extension fails to work and errors occur
  3. Conflict arises between extensions, because they are incompatible due to one of the reasons:
    • they extend the same classes
    • they duplicate the same functionality
    • they affect the same files in your Magento installation
  4. Extension works slowly and performance optimization is needed

Conversion to extension

Staylime helps to extract the existing code from Magento’s core and wrap it into a separate working extension in case custom functionality has been implemented in Magento’s core.

Extension audit

In the development of Magento solutions, Staylime’s experts offer extension audit services to help you choose the most productive and least time‑consuming approach for your business:

  • Marketplace extension installation
  • Marketplace extension refinement
  • New extension development from scratch

As a result, you receive a strategic roadmap helping you to achieve business goals faster and at a lower cost.

During 10 years…

…we have created over 100 extensions of different types.

Acknowledged extension developer

Staylime is a MageWorx trusted development partner, which entails a set of benefits:

Magento Select Extension Builder

The status of a Magento Select Extension Builder means renowned functionality and performance of developed extensions.

Best-seller extension developer

Supported by a best‑seller extension developer, we ensure that our solutions will help you harness the platform’s potential and get the most out of it.

Magento Certified Developers

Magento Certified Developers provide you with professional, expert‑level services in ecommerce implementation using Magento.

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