Magento turnkey development

Staylime delivers tailored Magento‑based commerce solutions, providing end users with engaging omnichannel shopping experience.

Whether you need to develop a multifunctional store from scratch, fine‑tune an existing product or get your project back on track, we have qualified Magento experts to help.

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Commerce solutions

Single store configuration

If you need a commerce solution with a single store view, database and admin panel, we set up and configure it on a single Magento installation.

We go through all the launch steps, from environment setup and store configuration to UI branding and content import, while establishing best practices for meeting PCI, privacy policy and cookie law requirements.

Multistore setup

To support your multi‑brand approach, Staylime deploys multiple storefronts or language versions configured to either share customer data or be completely separate from each other, whereas the data is managed centrally through a unified admin UI.

Development approach

Before graphic design and frontend implementation, our backend developers set up the environment and implement the entire functionality.

Referring to the backend part, Staylime designers create and hand over mockups to frontend developers, who make the UI talk to the backend.

This architecture‑first approach guarantees the to‑be‑designed mockups will meet the functionality of the Magento‑based backend: knowing the programming logic of all customizations, our designers develop mockups with exceptional UI/UX.

Cloud environments

Staylime rolls out ecommerce solutions based on cloud platforms that deliver robust compute, storage and networking services. Depending on the functionality, architectural complexity, performance requirements for your store, we select the most relevant option.


The largest network of Amazon’s globally distributed data centers and manifold SDKs enable us to implement large‑scale and load‑resistant Magento stores with sophisticated functional features.

DigitalOcean & Linode

Because of one‑click configuration and affordable pricing, DigitalOcean and Linode are platforms of our choice for small yet high‑performance instances with common ecommerce features.

Magento Products

Magento Open Source

  • Free
  • Fast TTM
  • Perfect for experimentation

Supporting core commerce functionality from product cataloguing to billing, multi‑currency payments to shipping, Magento Open Source enables emerging businesses to jump‑start their stores, testing their business models at no cost.

Staylime rolls out marketplaces rapidly, connecting the nominal extensions or developing custom ones from scratch.

Magento Commerce

  • Paid
  • Advanced features
  • Dedicated support
  • Perfect for expansion

Packed with sales acceleration, digital merchandising, online promotion and consumer intelligence capabilities, Magento Commerce is the best framework for mature commerce businesses.

We deploy your commerce ecosystem on a dedicated cloud, suggesting and adding the relevant features from thousands available and performing the necessary customizations.

Magento Open Source

  • Sales & fulfillment
  • Catalogue management
  • Mobility support

Magento Commerce

  • Sales & fulfillment
  • Catalogue management
  • Mobility support
  • Visual merchandising
  • Dedicated cloud
  • Technical support
  • Advanced search
  • Business intelligence
  • Promotions & loyalty tools


Ready-made extensions

Besides UI themes, Magento marketplace offers free and paid validated extensions for your online store, from reporting and analytics to customer support, payments and fulfillment.

From 3 000+ extensions, Staylime suggests, installs and tests those you need or expands the functionality of ready-made extensions to meet your specific demands.

Custom extensions

In case there is no off‑the‑shelf extension covering your functionality demand, Staylime’s team builds a new extension from scratch using service contracts and extended APIs.

To ensure compatibility among Magento versions and with other extensions, creating custom design to fit your branded theme along the way.

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Brand identity implementation

Our experts implemented storefront design in compliance with Magento Designer’s Guide and the customer’s corporate brand book, while ensuring mobile and cross‑browser compatibility.

7x performance boost

Timing is everything for potential buyers, especially on the go. Connecting Plumrocket AMP Extension that runs the simplified HTML structure, we ensured sevenfold boost of mobile pages load time.

1M text strings localization

For an international commerce business, we ensured that the content would reach its multilingual target audience.

Opting for Staylime localization services, the customer avoided hilarious AliExpress machine translation.

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